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Gresham & Craven Combined Injector Steam Valve & Delivery Clack

These backhead mounted injector valves are seen on many LNER locos including the A1/A2/A3/A4s, N2, O1 , P2 and B1s amongst many others I am sure. The full size valve incorporates a delivery clack for the injector feed pipe, we feel that when scaled down these are better suited to being solely an injector valve and a delivery point into the boiler making use of an inline clack hidden out of site.

Held on the backhead with 6 studs and sealed on two o-rings we can supply a drawing for the Pad on the boiler if you are yet to make the boiler they use a PTFE valve face for the main injector valve. There is a slightly different variant of this valve which has square flange mounted pipe fittings but we are yet to do the work on these, please do get in touch if you are interested in this type.

Prices are for one pair of valves, left & right handed.

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    • 5_Inch Castings :
    • £72.00
    • 5_Inch Machined :
    • £300.00
    • 7 1/4_Inch Castings :
    • £104.00
    • 7 1/4_Inch Machined :
    • £370.00