BR Standard Class 7

This page is dedicated to BR Standard Class 7, Britannia’s. Here you will find everything that we produce that is specific for the Brits and new bits will be added as they become available.

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Gresham & Craven Steam Brake

The Gresham and Craven Steam Brake seen on all Standard locos. There were two types seen in service and preservation this is the type typically fitted to locos in service from what we have seen.

This includes the working ratchet for locking the handle in position with spring loaded trigger and a small ball valve inside actuated on a cam.

The castings include:
Main Body
Dummy Compensation Cylinder
Comp. Cylinder Arm

We are currently prototyping the first few of these.

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    • 5 inch Castings :
    • £58.00
    • 5 inch Finished :
    • £250.00
    • 7 1/4 inch Casting :
    • £100.00
    • 7 1/4 inch Finished :
    • £280.00