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All the items here are either being worked on are in the pipe line for the future, if there is anything you are interested in or want to know more about then please drop us an email.


K Type Live Steam & Exhaust Steam Injector Water Valves

These K type water valves are typically seen on the large BR Standard locos such as Class 5s, 7s, 8 and 9fs usually having one of each kind to suit the live steam 10x and the K type exhaust injectors.

We have developed a pattern to suit both castings in both 5" and 7 1/4" and are now in the process of producing trial castings from direct wax prints to test out the super high detail in the text. We will then be looking to move forward with moulded waxes from patterns and core boxes ensuring the detail is not compromised. We will be offering the valve as two options, printed or moulded, if you desire the absolute best and crisp detail and text on your casting then the printed wax is for you but the price does vary with this.

Contact Seller

Contact Seller

    • 5_inch_Casting :
    • £25-£45
    • 5_inch_Finished :
    • 7_1/4_inch_Casting :
    • £45-£80
    • 7_1/4_inch_Finished :