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BR Tender Water Filter Boxes

The Tender Filter Boxes were found on all BR tenders and supplied water feeds to both injectors.

These incoporate a working shut off valve, slide in filter gauze and dump door for access to the filter. To increase reliability on the seals and ease of fitting both the tank and dump door are cast with a groove to house a 1mm section O-ring Cord.

The kit will include all the castings to make a pair for one tender including the following:
1 x RH Tank
1 x LH Tank
2 x Dump Door Lid
2 x Dump Door Arm
2 x Locking Handle
2 x Pipe Flange
2 x 3mm Brass Tank Mounting plate with spotted holes
2 x Filter Gauze
4 x 0.5mm Brass Filter Gauze Plate
2 lengths of 1mm section O-ring cord cut to length

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    • 5 inch Castings :
    • £135.00
    • 5 inch Finished :
    • £300.00
    • 7 1/4 inch Castings :
    • 7 1/4 inch Finished :